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De zeven krachten van Biodanza

Biodanza ● The seven powers

The pedagogical and therapeutic success of Biodanza is given by its effects on the organism as a whole and by its existential rehabilitation power. Biodanza consists of seven coherent powers. Each one has a transformer effect:


(1) Music


Biodanza uses music as the universal language that is accessible to everyone at any place and time. Music immediately reaches the emotions without first passing through the analytical part of our brains. Every tone has everything in it and therefore has a depth and relative quality that can not be measured with equipment.


With Biodanza we do not so much study the semantics, but we learn to listen to the soul of the music, the emotion that communicates with our unconscious. Our listening capacity to listen is much more important for understanding this universal language than our cognitive abilities.

Biodanza expresses itself in integrating dance. Movement is the most original and primitive way to express life. Everything, up to the smallest particle of the universe is movement.


With Biodanza we stimulate integrated movement; dance and movement in which we feel original and complete. Movement in which we involve our whole body. Movement which arises from our feelings.


(2) Integrating dance

(3) Vivencial methodology


With Biodanza, vivencia (Spanish for experience) is an experience of the here and now with great intensity and surrender. An experience with emotional, sensorial and internal effects. In this experience we play no role, it is not an exhibition, but we are God, angel, mother, baby, lover, etc. The dance invites us to express the best of ourselves.


Vivencia forms the opening through which we can penetrate into the pure space of being, where the time stops to exist. Vivencia makes transformation possible both on physical (e.g. resistance and blood flow) and existential level (growth of affective motor skills, self-confidence, etc.).

The caress is an expression of affection. In Biodanza the caress is a power, when it manifests itself as a caress from your heart, your soul. The caress is an act of intimate recognition and appreciation of the person as a whole. With the caress we experience a balance between the desire to give and receive affection. On a deep level, the caress contains the wisdom of opening and surrendering yourself.


"Anyone who is not caressed, starts to die": says Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza. According to him, is ensuring that all people have access to caresses, from children to older people, the only meaningful revolution.

(4) Caress


(5) Group




The group is the poetry of the human encounter and affective connection. We feel that we are part of a family, an affective network. The Biodanza group has a very different connotation than other groups. There is no talking and the group has no structure of opinions or so-called positive criticism. 


With Biodanza we are part of a group that is optimistic and affectionate. The group is essential in our transformation process, because it creates new forms of communication and emotional connection. The group forms the breeding ground for rebirth, in which each participant finds the affective security in which it is possible to transform.

The trance of Biodanza is integrative in which the perception of physical limits, fear and vigilance disappears. We feel like being reborn, we experience a deep harmony in which our perception and awareness increase. Biodanza works with regressive trance that leads us to our origins and heals what has been painful in the beginning of our lives. 


Trance also results in organic recovery and renewal at a cellular level. Biodanza makes you younger, because soft regression is part of every Biodanza session. The regression in Biodanza gives a experience of being born again in an affective nest, a safe and kind environment.

(6) Trance




(7) Consciousness expansion


Biodanza consist of dance and movement, in which we enter into a deeper connection with humanity and the universe in a state of expanded consciousness. As a result, we grow in our perception of the essential. We grow in our wonder to be alive, in infinite love, trust, understanding and compassion.


With the movements we strengthen our natural capacity to connect with all the life.  From the essence within ourselves we dissolve our consciousness in the 'womb' of the universe. The place that helps us to see, understand and love the depth of the other, of life.


Biodanza is a system that evolves. We are now reflecting about the identity of the teacher as the eighth power.