Biodanza, the five lines of vivencia


'Vivencia' is a Spanish word for an experience lived with great intensity in the here and now. Biodanza has classified vivencia in five large groups of expressing human potential.


With Biodanza we stimulate our integration in these five lines. In this way we create our own transformation.


The five lines of vivencia in Biodanza in everyday life are:


Vitality   have the energy, the potency to be in the world, with self-regulation and balance between action and relaxation.
Sexuality   feel desire and pleasure, the desire to live and enjoy the sensuality, reinforce the sexual identity.
Creativity   practice the art of living, able to express and transform, to renew and embellish the lifestyle.
Afectivity   feel the respect and tenderness, the ability to give and receive love.
Transcendence   connect with the human race and with nature, have access to the experience of ecstasy and intasy, the paradisiacal experience.